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There’s a whole lot of ways that you can get in touch with Temple Basin. Simply drop us a line, email or come up and see what’s happening.

Temple Basin
A. State Highway 73, Arthur’s Pass National Park (8km west of Arthur’s Pass Village)
P. +64 3 377 7788

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We’re Hiring for 2021!!!

We’re currently looking to fill several positions for the 2021 season. All positions include room and board at Temple Lodge for the 2021 winter as well as the obvious skiing/riding perks that come with the job and location!
Chef: Previous experience/training is desirable but not required. Responsibilities include ordering, managing, and preparing 2-3 hot meals for staff and guests each day. Perks include the ability to manage your own workload and time and generally take daily ski breaks each afternoon.
Goodslifter: Work involves descending 500 meters on the track to operate the goodslift every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for morning and afternoon shifts. This work requires a good customer relations and the ability to work outside in variable weather conditions, loading and unloading bags and skis in our goodslift, and operating the diesel motor which is the heart and soul of our ski field.
Ski hire/tickets: Weekend paid work, volunteer work required (4-6hrs per day) the remaining days of the week.
Ski Patrol: Experience required. Certs required: Avalanche stage 1 and PHEC or equivalent
If interested in a winter at Temple, please send your statement of interest and a relevant CV to