In the Summer

Summer Conference and Educational Facilities at Temple Basin

Summer-ThumbTemple Basin Ski Area facilities above Arthur’s Pass National Park offer ideal conditions for seminars, conferences and specialist groups. The winter occupation is predominantly reserved for skiing, mountain craft and mountain safety but the months of October through to May inclusive offer excellent opportunities for seminar use where every facility is provided and experienced management is on site.

The recently refurbished accommodation sits at an altitude of 1329m, 400m above the Arthur’s Pass main roadway. The magnificent building has a range of seminar and conference rooms with backup of kitchen, bar, dormitory and restaurant.

A maximum of 120 persons at any time is totally provided for. Access services include a range of shuttle and bus connections from Christchurch or Greymouth with a goods-lift facility at the road-head ready to transport all gear to the accommodation plateau.

One of the overlooked benefits of Temple  Basin as a venue is the splendid isolation. This has a unique effect on any group located there as there is an obvious bond raised by the sheer living as a group in such circumstances. This may be hard to define but it is the unique feature of the location.

In support of any specialist courses or business operations, there is the added value of the outside activities available in the immediate surroundings if so desired.

There are all sorts of mountain climbs as this is part of the main mountain divide. Other common activities in this area are abseiling, rock climbing, geology, biology interests, science and environmental studies and orienteering all in a magnificent setting. Such activities can be indulged in or not at will.

Clothing – the special needs are warm clothing and weather proofing suitable for mountain conditions. The accommodation itself is fully heated and every service is available there so that it is only outdoor pursuits which demand extra attention.

Fees – these we consider to be modest and are negotiated with individual groups in so far as they have special demands such as a chef or particular equipment needs. You will find the overall package with all meals and house management to be at very reasonable prices.


High School Groups

Summer-TarnEach summer Temple Basin hosts a variety of school programmes. Click here to see what Christchurch Girls High School has to say about summer at Temple Basin.

To view a collection of photographs taken during the many activities held at Temple Basin over summer please click here to visit our summer photo gallery.